Thursday, August 25, 2005

Colmes Can Be So Cute When He's Angry

Hannity's an idiot. Not in the same class as Tucker Carlson or Anne Coulter or dare I mention the hallowed King of Idiocy, Bill O'Reilly; but an idiot nonetheless.

However, he's stooped to a new low by defending Pat Robertson.

What happens Sean, if we Canadians decide to take the US to court and win the Softwood lumber dispute thereby disrupting your housing and paper industry - which we did - would that get Prime Minister Martin on your hit list?

How is ramant Venezuelan nationalism different than rampant US nationalism?

Just curious.

No Tough Question

John, I'm a little disappointed in you. Disappointed that your first words to Trent Lott weren't "Welcome to the show you arrogant racist bastard."

Granted, he made those comments two years ago but still. Whether or not he apologized later, the fact remains, he did chastise the country for not being more like Strom.

You alluded to a tough interview in your intro but it never happened. Yep, a little disappointed up here in Canada.

Of course you're forgiven. But, the next time you see Senator Lott, kick him in his lilly white, non-mixed blood nuts.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

There Were Like, Two In My Highschool

It's quite the stereotype: The unwed pregnant teenager... but this is ridiculous.

The best quote is about 1/2 way down where it says "School officials are not sure what has caused so many pregnancies...".

Hmmmm what causes highschool girls to get pregnant? Aliens? Nooooo. Video games? Noooooo. The lack of religion in public schools? Nooooo.


What a surprise that in a state where 88% of the teenagers receive abstinence only sex education instead of placing condoms in schools that you have an outbreak of 65 pregnancies in one school. How could they possibly be shocked by this?

"Just say no" worked oh so well in the war on drugs, I'm sure it's the perfect rallying cry for touchy-feely teens.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Somehow Cows Just Seemed Appropriate For The Ranch

Infantile? Yes! Sue me. He's walkin' around in it all day, he can certainly deal with some of it on his website.

O.K., so I act younger than my son some days. Merde.

Friday, August 19, 2005

But He's Just Soooo Pretty in Spandex

hmmmm, let's see... things to do, things to do...

pull troops out of Iraq
help them write a constitution
put down insurgency
rape (oops I meant fix) social security
meet that crazy lady outside my front gate

None of that sounds like fun. Hey I know, let's phone Lance and see if he wants to come over and ride bikes.

God. You can almost see Dubya skipping around his bedroom like a squealing four-year-old. "Lance is coming. Lance is coming. We're gonna ride bikes. And then, I'll show him my baseball cards. And then, we'll have chocolate milk. This one time, Lance came over and he let me ride his bike and it went really fast and I fell down. Mommy, I mean Laura, kissed my booboo aaaalll better".

Laws? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Laws.

Hey, we couldn't give him the death penalty so we'll recommend that he gets put in General Population and hope that he meets with a bad end.

From CNN's website

The key phrase here is:
"I'd vote for general population," prosecutor Nola Foulston told CNN. (CNN Access) She noted that pedophiles "don't usually fare well" in prison and added, "I think he ought to, you know, kind of hack it out with the rest of the guys there."

I was watching all this unfold yesterday on CNN's
Situation Room when Wolf Blitzer asked Foulston "by recomending that Rader go into general population, are you hoping that harm will come to him?" She basically answered yes.

Now, Rader is the modern face of evil. He is a perversion on the face of humanity. He could probably make the staunchest anti-death penalty advocate think twice. However, a prosecutor cannot circumvent her state's lack of a death penalty law by inciting violence in a prison.

Whether or not state sponsored killing is moral, Kansas cannot execute Rader because he committed his crimes prior to 1994 when Kansas took that huge leap backward and got themselves some killin' power. So now, he's faced the court system, been sentenced to a term that guarantees he'll never be a threat to the population again and still Foulston's not happy. Her statements following the sentencing are essentially tacit permission for the inmates at El Dorado to do what they want to him. From where I sit, that's vigilantism - strongly opposed by darn near every law maker and peace officer in the world.

Is that a great country or what. (heavy on the sarcasm for those that may have missed it.)

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

What An Accomplishment


My blog is crap. At least according to the guy that commented in the last post. And it wasn't even about him.

Ahh, to inspire such eloquence, such grace with the English language; such poetry and colour emanating from the keyboard. The thought required, the hours of painstaking, soul crushing searching for inspiration needed to come up with those four oh so lyrical words: "Your blog is crap."

Where, oh where, is the Pullitzer committee to recognize this quality of thought and expression? Where is lucrative writing contract that this modern day Longfellow so surely deserves?

Thank you sir. Thank you for your heartfelt plea. Thank you for your inspiring words.

I wept.

Friday, August 12, 2005

I Just Can't Help It

I hate that guy.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

No. But Nothing. I Said No.

Cell phones for tweeners. My kids better not even think about asking for one of these.

This is the last thing a pre-teen kid needs. I don't care if it only calls mom and dad and a few "select, approved" numbers. Kids don't need cell phones. Nobody really knows if they're dangerous to adults let alone kids with thinner skulls. And besides most kids can't keep track of their shoes by the end of a school day. How many of these things are going to turn up in the lost and found?

Can you imagine the problems these things are going to cause in schools? If they're smart, teachers, principals and superintendents will simply insist that they are turned off while school is in session. No use in class, no use on the playground during recess and lunch. How long do you think it will take for an irate parent to bring a court order to a district insisting that their kid be allowed to have the phone on "just in case" the parent needs to be in contact?

For 135 years of public education in this country, we've been doing great with getting messages to our kids through the school office and the office has been the main portal through which kids contact parents. Why do we all of a sudden need the direct link? Oh wait... I remember... according to CNN and the rest of the broadcast media we live in a dangerous, war torn, pedophile stalked country where your kids will actually be lucky to make it home at night. Give me a break.

This just feels like marketing candy cigarettes to kids. God forbid we'd let them actually grow up with trucks and dolls and music and games. They have their whole lives ahead of them. Let them choose if they want to be connected. For now, just let them be kids.

Friday, August 05, 2005

God Forbid You Might Have To Answer a Tough Question

So Robert Novak floats a "bullshit" on CNN and gets to spend some time off.

Interesting that he managed to get angry enough to stalk off the set right before he was to be asked about his role in the Rove affair. Pretty slick Bob. Nobody caught that one. We're all just a bunch of idiots in your eyes aren't we?

So now, Novak effectively gets to hide from the press courtesy of his bosses at CNN (who of course have no overt loyalty to the current administration at all. uh uh no bias there...) He can go on vacation, swim in the ocean (provided he won't melt from contact with water) and not have to answer any questions about leaks or spies or the CIA.

I had originally thought he'd farted on air and left due to embarassment. I couldn't figure out why he was leaving. Watching back a couple of times, the barbs being traded weren't even that sharp. He's said and received worse on Crossfire. And really, who hasn't said "shit" or worse on cable tv? There was even a squeak coming from the chair. However, considering there was no passing of wind, I can only assume Novak knew the Rove questions were coming and figured he needed an excuse to leave.

I should try that sometime during an uncomfortable meeting.

"Hey! Where is that budget?"

"uh... this is bullshit." and then stalk out of the building. Somehow I don't think my bosses will be as accomodating.