Thursday, June 22, 2006

Wow, You're Sooooo Powerful

So my loyal non-readers, what could inspire a post after a two-month-long drought. What could break the self-imposed need to actually work, imposed silence?

The guy behind me at Chez Ronaldo's drive thru line.

Dear Sir,
Please tell me how a "man", wearing a $1,000 suit, a fine gold watch and driving a $96,000 car gets pleasure or power from screaming at the minimum wage kid working the window.

Yes, it's infuriating that they only had one window open. Yes you did have to wait in line for 15 whole minutes - apparently you waited for a 1/2 hour and yes they probably should have put up a sign. However, none of that was the cashier's fault you jackass.

Your patience was sad, your manners pathetic and your language was deplorable. Your mother would have been ashamed.


And that dear reader(s?) is that.

Oh and in slightly more important news, the Green Party of Canada's leadership race is on. Personally I'm David Chenuschenko fan.


Anonymous sparroweye said...

Gahhhh..... He updates.... I ganked that from Henwhen. She did that to me in my journal after weeks went by without my updating.
What is a green party? If it is pro-environment then I am for it.
I'm voting for Gore next time. That is if I make it to the next election before Bush gets us all blown up. Did you know in fifty years Florida will be a Sahara desert and it will be the Dead Sea not the Atlantic and the Gulf. I hope all those mindless contractors will be happy then.

9:47 a.m.  
Blogger smudgers said...

Geez, a person could sit here forever waiting for something new and witty to be posted.

Oh, wait.

You have a life, don't you.

Sorry. I'll just move along now.

5:40 a.m.  

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