Friday, August 05, 2005

God Forbid You Might Have To Answer a Tough Question

So Robert Novak floats a "bullshit" on CNN and gets to spend some time off.

Interesting that he managed to get angry enough to stalk off the set right before he was to be asked about his role in the Rove affair. Pretty slick Bob. Nobody caught that one. We're all just a bunch of idiots in your eyes aren't we?

So now, Novak effectively gets to hide from the press courtesy of his bosses at CNN (who of course have no overt loyalty to the current administration at all. uh uh no bias there...) He can go on vacation, swim in the ocean (provided he won't melt from contact with water) and not have to answer any questions about leaks or spies or the CIA.

I had originally thought he'd farted on air and left due to embarassment. I couldn't figure out why he was leaving. Watching back a couple of times, the barbs being traded weren't even that sharp. He's said and received worse on Crossfire. And really, who hasn't said "shit" or worse on cable tv? There was even a squeak coming from the chair. However, considering there was no passing of wind, I can only assume Novak knew the Rove questions were coming and figured he needed an excuse to leave.

I should try that sometime during an uncomfortable meeting.

"Hey! Where is that budget?"

"uh... this is bullshit." and then stalk out of the building. Somehow I don't think my bosses will be as accomodating.


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