Monday, February 27, 2006

All Riiiight...

Four First Nations Chiefs, a gay ice fisherman, some foam ice blocks, a bunch of white-clad whatevers and Avril Lavinge. That was the Canadian presentation at the Torino closing ceremonies. Oh wait we've added roller-hockey players, cross-country skiers on stilts and the foam blocks have become an Innukshuk - the stupidest Olympic mascot ever.

Admittedly the Italian opening and closing ceremonies were a tad over done but at least they made up for it in sheer texture and volume. The Canadian thing... WTF???!!! I think I just saw un bucherone go skipping across the stage.

Seriously, what the hell was that catastrophe?! Let's just re-enforce the impression that this country is populated by Natives that walk around in traditional dress, fur trappers, maple syrup-drinking log skipping frenchmen and snowbound freaks.



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