Monday, July 24, 2006

Why Exactly Is The Ground Sticky?

Ahhh, the fair. The annual fair. The chance to bake your way through an otherwise massive, empty parking lot in the 35 degree heat. The magical experience of stepping in fried mystery food, ground into searing asphalt all the while regretting your choice to wear flip flops instead of sneakers – like a sane person would.

Yes the annual “country fair” was in town last week and yesterday we took the kids.


Now, I don’t dislike the fair per-se. I like the rides and, as ours is still an agricultural fair, I get to see cows and horses etc… I do wonder however, what percentage of West Coast Amusements’ (the contracted midway provider) staff has served time in prison. I try not to wonder why they may have been there.

Anyways, it was a neat year to be at the fair because my son is now five and this year he really got into the fair. He got to ride on his first “real” midway ride with me – The Rockin’ Tugboat – was allowed to go on some of the kids’ rides by himself and got to help his two-year-old sister on one ride. So through the eyes of Kaden, the fair was awesome.

He is however, an odd child sometimes. We went to the carnival of crap that is the midway food area. Because it was a special day we told Kaden that he could have anything he wanted for lunch. A hot dog, a burger, perogies, sausage, a corndog… you name it, it was up for grabs. He could have literally had anything you can find at a fair with little to no nutritional value. What did he ask for?


What five-year-old in their right mind chooses corn on the cob over a hotdog or a corn dog?

“Are you sure buddy? You can have anything you want. How about some pie?”
“No thanks Dad. I want corn from that corn on the cob place over there.”

No butter. No salt and pepper. Just corn. On the cob.

“What would you like to drink Kaden? Do you want some punch or a slurpee thing?”
“No thanks. Can I have a bottle of water? It doesn’t have so much sugar.”

And so, my five-year-old son, one of the three most important people in my life, had corn and water for lunch; and was completely thrilled with it.

Weird. Weird. Weird.


Anonymous sparroweye said...

I have always known, the soul is old.
The body may be a child but the soul may be old.

4:31 p.m.  

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