Monday, February 27, 2006

All Riiiight...

Four First Nations Chiefs, a gay ice fisherman, some foam ice blocks, a bunch of white-clad whatevers and Avril Lavinge. That was the Canadian presentation at the Torino closing ceremonies. Oh wait we've added roller-hockey players, cross-country skiers on stilts and the foam blocks have become an Innukshuk - the stupidest Olympic mascot ever.

Admittedly the Italian opening and closing ceremonies were a tad over done but at least they made up for it in sheer texture and volume. The Canadian thing... WTF???!!! I think I just saw un bucherone go skipping across the stage.

Seriously, what the hell was that catastrophe?! Let's just re-enforce the impression that this country is populated by Natives that walk around in traditional dress, fur trappers, maple syrup-drinking log skipping frenchmen and snowbound freaks.


Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hypocrisy v2.0

So while the US and others are stumbling around in Iraq, generally being ineffective as the country slides inexorably into sectarian violence, things in the Congo continue to devolve.

Where are the UN or US troops to "help promote democracy and free a nation from terror"? 120,00 people displaced, thousands murdered by rebels and government troops, "systemic sexual abuse" of the female population by both sides of the conflict and no armed international force to help them.

The Congo is an area where people are regularly being hacked to death with machetes. The Congo is a place where people are being used as fodder in a tribal conflict over a mineral resource; in this case diamonds. So, again I ask, where is the giant protector of freedom and bringer of democracy?


Friday, February 03, 2006

What Are They Hoping To Find?

Maybe Montana is being overrun by terrorist cows, angry muslim ranchers or Saskatchewinians sneaking in for cheap smokes. That has to be the justification for $18.3 Million being spent on securing Montana. For God's sake do they actually think that a terrorist is going to sneak 4000km across Canada and then hop over the border into the one state where they would stick out like - well like an Arab in Montana.

Man, I knew Americans could be paranoid and that paranoia can lead to stupidity but that's unbelievable.

Good luck y'all.

In other news. Can't you just hear Dubya right now? "But... we picked him. He's supposed to be one of us." Oh well, there's still time for Alito to undo other civil righs and set aside parts of the Constitution. Maybe he just didn't feel right that morning. Tomorrow, he can get back to evil.