Friday, August 19, 2005

Laws? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Laws.

Hey, we couldn't give him the death penalty so we'll recommend that he gets put in General Population and hope that he meets with a bad end.

From CNN's website

The key phrase here is:
"I'd vote for general population," prosecutor Nola Foulston told CNN. (CNN Access) She noted that pedophiles "don't usually fare well" in prison and added, "I think he ought to, you know, kind of hack it out with the rest of the guys there."

I was watching all this unfold yesterday on CNN's
Situation Room when Wolf Blitzer asked Foulston "by recomending that Rader go into general population, are you hoping that harm will come to him?" She basically answered yes.

Now, Rader is the modern face of evil. He is a perversion on the face of humanity. He could probably make the staunchest anti-death penalty advocate think twice. However, a prosecutor cannot circumvent her state's lack of a death penalty law by inciting violence in a prison.

Whether or not state sponsored killing is moral, Kansas cannot execute Rader because he committed his crimes prior to 1994 when Kansas took that huge leap backward and got themselves some killin' power. So now, he's faced the court system, been sentenced to a term that guarantees he'll never be a threat to the population again and still Foulston's not happy. Her statements following the sentencing are essentially tacit permission for the inmates at El Dorado to do what they want to him. From where I sit, that's vigilantism - strongly opposed by darn near every law maker and peace officer in the world.

Is that a great country or what. (heavy on the sarcasm for those that may have missed it.)


Anonymous sparroweye said...

Where does she get the idea he is a pedophile? He strangled a bunch of different people. He enjoyed it. He got off on it. But I don't think the majority were children. Our prisons are just training places for more crime. I guess they thought,if we can't rehabiliate them because that would cost too much, lets just fry em.
Whats scary to me is that he passed as so normal on the surface, unless of course you had to work for the guy.

4:13 p.m.  

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