Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Just So We're All Clear

This is not a biology text book.

A number of years ago I read Darwin's Black Box, The Biochemical Challenge to evolution by Dr. Michael Behe. It was actually a pretty good read. Dr. Behe's analysis of how things in your body work (ie/ blood clotting) was surprisingly easy to understand and almost entertaining. However, this book is the first place we were ever introduced to the - I won't even dignify calling it a theory - fairytale of intelligent design.

But, I'm not actually ranting about ID vs evolution here. I am ranting about the lack of understanding some people in both Canada and the States have about the separation of Church and state.

Public money going to publicly funded schools should not support forcing religious dogma down the throats of minors. Period. If you want your kid to get a religious-based education, send them to a private or separate religious-based school.

Once there, they can learn all the pretend "science" you want.


Anonymous Serge Cornelus said...

Interesting post; very true. From a European point of view, this whole ID vs Darwin thing is a very strange, bizarre discussion. I often wonder how the majority of people in the US and/or Canada think about this. Apparently there are still a big many sensible people out there (although I would not have expected anything else from Canadians :-) ). A pity, though, that it is often the less sensible ones, who want to impose their medieval views about evolution, that seem to get noticed. Freedom of religion is good. Freedom of speech should be carefully safeguarded. But there are limits to everything, especially idiocy. Let's not mistake tolerance for misplaced laisser-faire.

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