Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Small Vent x 2. Thank You.

Gregorius, are you as fundamentally retarded as you appear to be or is it all just a long-running and somewhat tiresome act? I'd love to be there when you finally pull your head out of your conservative, Christian, judgmental ass. Maybe you'll start acting like citizen of the planet rather than our judge, jury and executioner. Asshole.

Whew, I feel better. And, as I can't make personal attacks in the forum, this will have to suffice.

O.K. on to other stuff now.

I was watching the City Council meeting on TV last night. (Does too count as having a life.) Anyways, one of our local land owners went on a rant about the city "wasting space by including green spaces in new housing developments." The green spaces are detention ponds that hold stormwater in the event of flooding. When dry they also serve as a small oasis of plant life in the middle of an otherwise endless sea of plaster and vinyl siding. This "concerned citizen" went on to say that seeing all the green spaces on the map drove him crazy because the waste of valuable land was apparent for everybody to see.

Apparently the thought of co-existing with nature hasn't occurred to this gentleman. I should point out that this is the same guy freaking out that the city is going to develop some land next to his property. He should be thrilled that the untouched landscape around him won't be going to waste. Counter that with his other argument that arable land is valuable and should be saved for farming. Even though he's going to make a lot of money when he sells his land to the city. Which he will do.

So, as I understand. Development of farm land into residential space is stupid and wasteful, unless you personally profit from it. However, saving some of that space for nature to have even a tiny chance is exceedingly wasteful and obscene because nobody profits from it.

It's enough to make my head hurt.


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