Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I's Got's Nothin'

But I can at least write about nothing I suppose.

Mostly I don't feel like being a social or political commentator right now. Considering we're in the middle of a royal screwing over uh... I mean... election, that's pretty sad. But then looking at the last polls, apparently I need to start searching for a cheap set of airline tickets to Sweden or something.

Steven Harper, Prime Minister of Canada. ugh.

I though fascism went out of fashion in this country shortly after we joined into WW2.

I wonder how much we'll have to lose in terms of civil liberties, public health funding, natural resources, air quality and national securty before people realized that even though they're a bunch of crooks, the Liberal are our crooks. Crooks looking out for you and me. Crooks who share a vision of Canada in keeping with our reputation on the world stage. They just happened to lose and steal billions of dollars along the way.

Seriously though. With Steven - gosh I'm just like Dubya now - Harper in charge, gay people, poor people, single moms, inner city youth, sick people and the environment are basically, in a word, fucked.

Sigh, Columbia or Bazil looks nice. Maybe we can live there.


Blogger deeol said...

Well, it looks like somebody had his Pessimism Flakes for breakfast today.

Have you been reading attack ads lately or something? Silly person. You should know better.

1:26 p.m.  
Anonymous sparroweye said...

Well, now you know how we feel over on this side. Another four and a half years. I think Spain has a nice ring to it. And we have Hilary to look forward to. Now, I have nothing against a woman running for President. Just not, that woman.

9:26 p.m.  

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