Tuesday, December 13, 2005

If You Say You Did It, We'll Spare You

It's bad enough that you have to face execution for a crime committed 25 years ago. It's bad enough that even though you are the model by which it can be proven that prison can rehabilitate, you are put to death. It's bad enough that a man like bishop Desmond Tutu can't save you.

However, to have your life, your case, your prison term and your execution critiqued by Nancy Grace... well that must have been unbearable for Tookie Williams. Between interrupting Williams' original lawyer, completely missing the point of legal, point-of-law arguments and all the while acting like a giggly cheerleader, Grace was truly nauseating. Reading that she has a law degree and has written for the American Bar Association was surprising to say the least. I'm not kidding here, she acted like a clueless, brainless twit.

To cap off the horrific display that was the Nancy Grace coverage. CNN had the temerity to call Pat Lalama an investigative journalist!! That's right, they sent an entertainment reporter to San Quentin prison to cover the state-sponsored murder of a human being. Man, nobody understands death penalty issues like the brain trust that covered such important issues as the Michael Jackson trial. At one point Lalama issued this pithy statement - and I quote "Oh sure they'll drop in the sodium pentathol, then the pancuronium bromide, then they'll give him the potassium chloride and then it's good night Tookie." All delivered with the comedic timing of a third-rate strip club emcee.

Between Pat and Nancy I really thought we were going to be treated to a simultaneous on-air orgasm at the moment of execution. I mean they were frothing at the mouth for this thing to happen. At one point Grace actually claimed that Williams was lucky that he'll "simply be able to go to sleep" and that he should "take his punishment like a man." They both then, went on to gloat that only a small crowd of a couple of hundred had showed up to protest the execution.

You sick, sick freaks.


Anonymous Liliana said...

Oh my god.

I am so glad I don't watch television.

Truly, sick.

11:11 a.m.  

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