Thursday, June 30, 2005

Nope, No Doom Today

I woke up with a little trepidation this morning. Much to my relief there were no cats raining from the sky, no gaping hole had opened up to release Satan and his crew, no rampant pedophillia taking place in the streets, no gay porn being filmed at the school yard.

You see Conservative Canada, the world didn't come to an end. All your sons and daughters didn't wake up and jump ship to the what you perceive as the dark side. We're now two full days past the Gay Marriage Vote and those of us who were married last week, still are. Those of us who were straight last week, still are. Those of us receiving all the beauracratic benefits of marriage last week, still are.

You see, this costs us nothing and gives us one more step on the road to true equality in this country.

"Against the will of God", you say. Well all risk to my immortal soul aside, but too damn bad for God. We live in a country that keeps the church and state separate from one another. If gay sex is a sin then God will do what he will do. If He really exists, that will be His prerogative. But here on earth in Canada in the 21st century, we've finally stood up and said "we value all of you."

Now, if we can just get the police to stop dumping Indians in the cold empty wilderness, we'll be getting somewhere.


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