Friday, July 29, 2005

Good Squirrel Mojo

I have got to update more often. Especially when looking at the counter, it seems some people are actually reading this nonsense. Well, they're visiting if not actually staying around to read.

Anyways, in a fit of cosmic alignment the Bad Squirrel Mojo blog has an actual Red Squirrel. We've named him Speedy Bob. Speedy Bob was the squirrel that lived in our campsite last year. According to my four-year-old, this is the same critter that has taken up residence in the garage. So, welcome aboard Speedy Bob. Please contribute.

This brings me to a conundrum. My job dictates that I answer a whole bunch of phone calls that start out with "There's a squirrel in my yard (garage, attic, swimming pool, sandbox etc...) how do I get rid of it?" Normally I tell the person to calm down, it's only a squirrel, keep the potential food away and board up the entrance to his hole when you see him leave.

The garage that has become the new home for Speedy Bob is detached so he isn't going to end up in the living room. So, do I let him stay or force him out? He's not hurting anything and unless he moves into the bag holding the tent, he can't really do any damage. On the other hand... Get the hell out of my garage Speedy Bob. You're a squirrel dammit, not some homeless street person looking for a dry place to spend the night.

Whatever. He can stay for now. I kind of like him. Probably won't be much of a security force for the garage though. I wonder if I can rent payment in some form other than spruce tree seeds.


Blogger deeol said...

Have you ever actually picked a fight with a red squirrel? Might be a better security force than you'd expect. If all else fails we can ship 'im to my father's place, I suppose. We allll know what happens to squirrels in the land of... er, bad squirrel mojo. Am I giving anything away by saying that last bit?

2:19 p.m.  

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