Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Hello Insanity. Come On In.

I need a word. A perfect word. A word that would not normally appear on this blog (because my mom may actually read this someday and while I use every word in the book when talking to her, somehow putting them in print is different.)

Anyways, the word...

The word for the day is...


In capitals.


Sandra Day O'Connor has resigned. Dubya gets to nominate a Supreme Court Justice. He's gonna be acting like weasel in an unguarded chicken coop (or a security guard at Gitmo). This right-wing, Christian Conservative bonehead gets to decide who gets to be on the Supreme Court of the United States of America. You just know its going to be one of Scalia's golfin' and drinkin' buddies.

Women of the world, kiss off your right to choose what you do with your bodies.

Minorities, fuel up the truck and cross the Northern border because the constitution - especially the part about civil liberties - may just get interpreted a little more conservatively.

Gay folks, give up on gay marriage for the next three - eight years. Maybe a democrat will win the White House next time and there'll be some hope for you.

Gun control advocates, keep low.

I think I'll go into business shipping statues of the ten commandments over the border. Chances are there will be a whole bunch of government buildings that are gonna want 'em.

I knew I'd need that word here someday.



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