Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Guns Guns Guns

You may remember this post made the day after a little girl was shot in the head on a Toronto bus. To paraphrase... I'm beyond wanting a gun registry. I've been convinced that registering guns is not the answer to curbing gun violence. I fully believe that guns should be removed from the population at large - UNLESS YOU CAN PROVE YOU NEED ONE.

This shooting in Mayerthorpe Alberta proves that guns should be more tightly controlled than ever. What more proof do you need? Four dead Mounties in March, a critically injured little girl in November etc etc etc...

Since we started controlling gun ownership the incidences of gun violence and gun death has dropped.

However, Dr Mauser would have you believe that guns make us safer.

In some of the most convoluted logic and data manipulation I've witnessed, Gary Mauser claims that taking guns away from people wouldn't decrease the violent crime rate, the violent death rate or the spousal murder rate. His theory is that these crimes will happen anyways.

So, by that logic, people will kill so why not give them a gun? Is that what Dr. Mauser is saying? He actually had the nerve to claim on the CBC this morning, that the officers in Mayerthorpe could have just as easily been killed by a bomb, knife or poison. That Dr. Mauser is obscene. These officers were killed from a distance by a high-powered rifle held by a man who hated police. To suggest that these officers could have been poisoned or knifed to death is absurd.

Guns are easy. Guns make killing easy(er). If you're going to set out to kill someone with a gun you have a pretty good chance of succeeding. Attack someone with a knife and there's probably a pretty good chance they'll either survive or fight you off. To suggest as Dr. Mauser did this morning, that someone who doesn't have access to a gun will resort to poison or a bomb is ridiculous. Every other method of killing takes practice and planning. Honestly who, in the general public, is going to learn how to build a bomb or figured out the chemistry of poison in order to harm their spouse, hold up a bank or wreak some random street violence? Very few.

The reason we have gun violence is that guns are easy to get and easy to use. Other methods of killing simply take too much time, effort and pre-planning.

Take away the guns and you'll greatly reduce the gun crime. It's only logical.

And, Dr. Mauser, you should be reminded that in Canada, we do not have a constitutional right to bear arms.


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