Thursday, December 02, 2004

Hey Torquemada, What d'ya Say?

I got to thinking last night. My fertile little mind churning away, solving the world's problems, was in fine form. And, as I was saying, I got to thinking...

Two of the groups of people most at odds in the world are frighteningly similar folks. They share similar values and world outlooks. They treat the society the rest of us live in with contempt. They will joyfully advocate the suspension of civil liberties if it furthers their own respective causes. They both wear blinders that would fit a Clydesdale, allowing them as narrow a perspective as possible. Finally, they hate you - almost as much as they hate each other.

Who are we talking about?

It's time for a shallow, and utterly without merit, comparison of The Muslim Terrorist (MT) and The Southern Conservative Christian (SCC).

Let's begin shall we.

They both believe in "one true God". They both believe that their guy is the main guy. Neither will acknowlege that it's the same guy.

The MT likes guns.
The SCC loves guns.

The MT distrusts his neighbours and will wage war to further his cause.
The SCC distrusts his northern and eastern neighbours and still refers to "The War of Southern Independence".

The MT wants his own state.
The SCC still flies the Confederate Flag.

The MT believes that women should be covered from head to toe and should be entirely accountable to the whims of any man.
The SCC believes that women should remain in their place and have no say as to what happens their own bodies.

The MT believes that he can beat or kill his wife/daughter if they disrespect him.
The SCC believes that a husband forcing his wife to have sex isn't rape and that battered womesn's syndrome isn't a valid defense for killing an abusive husband.

The MT wants a conservative, religious state, free from governmental interference.
The SCC... ditto.

The MT hates people who look and think different from him.
The SCC... ditto.

So all you Red State people. You're not so different from the people you fear. And, hey al Queda, you're not so different from the people that want to wipe you off the face of the earth. And the defining thing that makes you oh, so similar? You want to involve the rest of us in your hatred for each other. That, and you don't care if you kill innocent people to prove your point.


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