Tuesday, November 30, 2004

...And Screw You Charleton Heston

That's it. I'm officially fed up with guns, the gun lobby, gun toting freaks that claim "the right to bear arms"... all of you. How can you claim the need for guns in urban society in the face of this.
An eleven year old girl is lying in the hospital having been shot in the head on a downtown Toronto bus.

I'm now beyond wanting a gun registry. I just want them banned for the majority of the population. I think, and I've posted this in other places in the past, that if you want a gun, you should have to prove that you need a gun.

Do you live in the city and never venture into the woods to go hunting? You don't need a gun. You don't get one.

Does your job require you to carry a gun? ie/ Police, private security, conservation officer, prison guard, soldier? No? Then you don't need a gun. You don't get one.

Are you a competitive shooter that can leave the gun in a secure location like a gun safe at a range? No? You don't need a gun. You don't get one.

Now, please keep in mind that I'm writing this from a Canadian point of view. We do not have a constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right to keep and bear arms. Did you get that Canada? This is not the USA. You have no guaranteed freedoms when it comes to keeping a fire arm. In this country, that's not a valid argument.

Canada is country that - in the words of Will Ferguson - "was partied into existence". We have no tradition of using gun violence to settle out problems. We didn't secede from the British in a bloody confrontation. We haven't had our northern brothers fighting their southern brothers. Canada was created at a cocktail party in Charlottetown, PEI in July 1867. Canada was a behind-the-scenes deal, brokered over martinis.

If you have a problem with the gun registry - and I don't mean the cost because that's a whole other topic - ask yourself this question: "If I have to register my car, an object that while deadly, isn't designed to kill people, then why shouldn't I have to register my gun, which is specifically designed to kill people?" But I'm digressing from the original point. This isn't about registering guns. It's about taking them away from anybody who cannot prove they need one.

Imagine how many people wouldn't shoot their family members by mistake when they come in late at night. Imagine how many guns wouldn't be stolen from their owners only to be used in street crime. Imagine how many police wouldn't be killed or injured while protecting you. Imagine how many home owners wouldn't be killed by their own guns when the guy breaking in uses the gun owner's own gun.

Imagine how many little girls wouldn't be in the hospital recovering from a gunshot to the head.


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