Thursday, November 25, 2004

Can't Sleep, Terror's Gonna Get Me

How in the world are you people coping living south of the 49th parallel? Americans, I'm talking to you.

The mixed messages you receive on a daily basis must be driving you nuts. Seriously. I'm not being a smart ass here - for a change.

You've got a "president" telling you that you should feel safe in your communities, on your airplanes, at your places of work. Why? Because your government is working to keep you safe. Your CIA et al, are intercepting terrorist "chatter" on the internet and over cell phone conversations. Your military is bombing the hell out of anything that isn't flying a US flag or that might advocate a change in US foreign policy. Yes, the message from the top is that you are safe from terror because your government is keeping you safe from terror.

But... just in case they missed something, the media is committed to making sure that you remain absolutely, positively terrified; as can be seen in this helpful little site from Fox News.

If you've ever doubted the Republican bias of the media in the States, this site should be your proof.

Since 9/11 the only people that have been killed or injured by "terrorists" have been US forces sent to Afghanistan and Iraq - under false pretenses - in the course of mountain or urban combat. Not one single person, civilian or military, has been harmed on North American soil by a terrorist since 9/11. Good intelligence? Dumb luck? Terrorists are amateurs? Who knows. However, a smart administration would be taking credit for this safety in your borders. And they are. However, if they were truly interested in your mental well being, they'd be downplaying the threat stories and websites coming from the conservative media ie/Fox News, CNN and others.

But they don't. Why?

The current administration needs you to be afraid. They need you sitting on pins and needles, not trusting the swarthy man in flowing clothes who just happens to be sitting next to you in the mall food court. The government needs you to be suspecting your neighbours of building bombs in the basement. Bush and co. want you so paranoid about a non-existent threat that you continue to support a war that has nothing to do with terrorism, that you continue to support massive increases to the military budget, that you ignore cuts to education & health care - two things that will affect you in a very personal way.

In short, to paraphrase John Stewart: they don't want so afraid that you don't vote, just afraid enough that you vote for them. You know the next Chapter of the story. It started on Nov 2.

Enjoy your sanity while it lasts. The breakdown is coming. Don't worry, there's enough Xanax for everyone.


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