Monday, November 15, 2004

How to Vent About Nothing

It's just becoming too easy.

Too easy to make jokes about Bush Jr being the last kid on the field to be picked for a team. I mean really, that's got to be how he feels with his "key team" of players leaving left, right and centre.

I'm just waiting to see if the really big fish jump ship (how's that for a mixed metaphor). Will Condi resign? Cheney? Rumsfeld? Poor George could be left alone in the Big White House with only his alcoholic daughters to advise him.... "Daaaddy, you said I could be Secretary of State".

Anyways, the election here is a foregone conclusion even if Ralph does look like he'll sleep through until the end of November.

Aside from easy Bush jokes and a lame campaign for a Province that nobody really seems to want to lead, I've really got nothing.

Bye. I guess.


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