Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Bad Funny Monkey

So, as much as I enjoyed the John Stewart appearance on Crossfire, I really liked his take on it during last night's Daily Show monologue. He's a smart guy, asking smart questions getting away with antics that a journalist can't - but should - get away with. God help him if CNN offers him a show. Or maybe, God help any sitting or challenging politician.

It's kind of a sureal time right now.

Example: there's snow on the ground and I'm still rooting for the Red Sox (rooting can also be called praying if you like)

In any case. Go Bo Sox. Reverse the Curse. Damn you Bambino.


Blogger deeol said...

Hmmm. Last post was a week ago.

Don't you know you're supposed to be entertaining me as I sit here boooooored?

Geez. A person would think work has priority over the internet or something. :P

2:23 p.m.  

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