Monday, October 04, 2004

Boom! Soon?

Didn't go to the farm to help with harvest.
Didn't finish sanding and painting the front door.
Didn't tear out the old moldings on the landing and replace them.
Didn't get the new carpet installed in the living room.
Didn't find the leak in the cooling system on the car.
Didn't get all the laundry done.

What the hell did I do this weekend?

Played outside with the kids on Saturday. Went for lunch with the whole family on Sunday. oh yeah...

Moved 23 sheets of drywall and hardboard from pickup truck, through a backyard, over a kitchen and in through an upstairs window. Then I came home and baked a crumble.

mmmmmm... cruuummmble.

Nothing earth shattering today. No great commentary.

You might want to stay out of Washington State though.


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