Wednesday, September 08, 2004

14 Hours

O.K. I had a thought. Or at least I had a thought. That is to say, I had a point for this post - at some point. It was witty and entertaining, possibly political but really, who can say. My wife and talked about it the car on the ride home yesterday.

The long ride home.

The very long ride home.

The 14 hours in a minivan with an - albeit well behaved - inquisitive 3-year-old and his infant sister long ride home.

I remember very little except having a conversation with my wife (interrupted by many excited cries of "look at the train Dad" and requests to pull over so the boy could "see the owls" - it was daylight, there were no owls save the ones in somebody's imagination) and thinking "I should blog this".

I won't because I forgot. I love mental exhaustion. Makes going back to work extra special.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Wheat. Sparroweye here. Had to comment on the mental exhaustion. We had four all within one year and two years of each other. I used to hide in the bathroom. Then my husband found my hiding place and we hid there together. Then the kids caught on and started coming to our bathroom and pounding on the door, saying,
"We know you aren't doing anything in there, come out."
The best thing that always broke up any marital arguments was, "you get the kids, no I don't, you get the kids." Then hysterical laughter and we completely forgot what the argument was all about. Understand, we were just teasing each other, we would have both killed for custody of the kids. It worked to keep us together for 30 odd years. Now come the rewards, grandkids!

8:43 a.m.  

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