Friday, October 01, 2004

Dem Questions Was Hard

He fumbled. He stuttered. His train of thought went off the track. But mostly, he just looked smarmy and dumb.

Dub the Shrub was so far out of his element during the debate last night it was frightening.
Sure, he's friendly and folksy. Sure, he's the guy who'd buy you a beer if you were feeling bad and needed a hand. Sure, he's the guy who'll give you tax break (if you're in the right tax bracket) and then tell you how the terrorists are going to kill you.

But... ask him a question to which he hasn't already seen the answer and he's out of his depth.
This is a complex world we live in. There are 192 countries and independent states, speaking at least 2,796 languages. There are hundred of forms of government at local, provincial, state, tribal and national levels. There are 5.7 billion people, all of whom have agendas ranging from "where's my next meal coming from" to "the Hummer needs a new set of rims."

George Bush demonstrated last night, that without an aide by his side and a speechwriter at his back, he is woefully unqualified to lead the most powerful country in the world and be an example to the rest of the planet of what they could achieve.

America was once a great country. No really, I mean it. At one time, America was a great country. In the years before the Soviet Union and the cold war, America was shining example to the world of what people could achieve through hard work. Immigrants were welcomed to America with (mostly) open arms. The middle class was a true middle class; hard working, honest, watch out for your neighbours type people. People were taxed fairly, unions worked for the workers and the Presidents were, for the most part, concerned for their entire population.

In the intervening years, America has become the land of "me first" consumers. People want their houses bigger, their cars faster and their food and fuel cheaper. Somewhere along the line, the pre-cold war attitude of "Work hard and you'll succeed" was replaced by today's "I'm owed so give me what's mine" greed.

Special interest groups have direct access to the highest levels of power. The US government holds the rest of the world in contempt; treating other countries - rich or poor - as resources to be exploited, markets to sell to, or vast tracts of land that are harbouring terrorist killers.

In the last four years we've heard about government budget surpluses being squandered, health care being axed, corporate fraud on a massive scale, increased gun violence, religion creeping back into government, increases in racial tension, the Patriot Acts, racial profiling and a total disregard for the environment.

Whew... I feel better. It's out of my system in one cathartic moment. Perhaps the 20 million Americans living without health care coverage could do the same thing. Perhaps the millions of people living with diseases directly related to environmental damage could do the same thing. Perhaps, everybody who lost their life savings to Enron and other corporate scandals could do the same thing. Perhaps every gay couple denied the right to be married could have the same moment. Everybody now, have that release. Get it all out of your system. March in the streets, take to the airways, do what you have to to get your negative energy out of your system.

Feel better.

Now, go fix it. Get elected to local government. Go out and vote for candidates that represent you and not big business. Send Bush, the NeoCon group and Haliburton packing. You'll have a better country and contribute to a better, greener, safer world.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sparroweye: And the scary part is the electoral college put Bush in, the people voted for Gore. And
what if it happens again? Colorado is trying to get rid of the electoral college. It's been around since colonial days. It is obsolete. Even the reason for it in the first place sounded demeaning to me. I couldn't
even listen to Bush. I just listened when Kerry talked.

1:23 p.m.  
Blogger Paine said...

well said I have to say as an American I wish that more citizens of this country were that open minded to what really needs to be done By the way I love your blog! Keep it coming!

1:25 p.m.  

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