Thursday, September 23, 2004

Media Awareness is Good. Right?

How do you explain editing to a three-year-old? My son was quite concerned that after spending a hour at a fundraiser for our local hospital, being video taped and photographed, the news story that followed didn't have him in it.

"But Daddy, I wasn't on TV".

"Well, sometimes they can't put everything on."

"But they took my picture."

"I know but sometimes they just don't have time to show all the pictures they take."

"But you get to be on TV."

"Yes, but that's part of my job."

At which point we discovered the evening paper; which had a big photo of him, inside the front page. He was happy, TV was forgotten and all was good.

I find it frightening that at three-years, he's becoming a publicity hound, or as my co-workers refer to me - a media whore. Oh well, when both your parents are extroverted and have very public careers, that type of thing is bound to rub off I suppose.
For Christmas (yes that's come up already), he wants a camera. Why? "To take pictures." Of what? "Me, Daddy."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sparroweye here: Children are never "becoming" they
simply "are" from the moment that sperm hits the egg.
You have a mini-me. Get him a camera for
christmas. Better yet, they have some fantastic working
toy video camera's. Who knows, you could have a budding
Steven Spielburg here. Be glad he has passion about
everything now. The teen years are yet to come.

7:21 a.m.  

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