Tuesday, January 25, 2005

NIMBY Bastards

I have an idea. It’s radical but from what I’ve been hearing lately, it just might work. Let’s take everybody we don’t like - anybody who is different from us – and send them to the far North (or South or East or West) end of the city.

Have you got people of colour living in your neighbourhood? Maybe they’re new to the country and don’t speak English. Well then, ship ‘em off to their own special place. They’re probably not productive members of society –damn freeloaders.
How about that group home, housing handicapped people? They’re not the prettiest to look at and hey, maybe they’re driving down housing values. Maybe we can get them their own special “developmentally delayed facility” – preferably somewhere we don’t have to look at them.

Are you offended yet? Have I made you furious? Is that one of the most disgusting paragraphs you’ve ever read? You bet it is. It’s disgusting and you’d never think these things let alone, say them. Yet, this is exactly how some small-minded members of our community are acting about the proposed detox centre.

I’ve heard comments like: “These pedophiles will get our children.” Or “How dare you let these people into our neighbourhoods?” Or “I don’t want these people hanging around peeing on our buildings.”

So, let’s explore a few facts. These people are not the enemy. These people are suffering from a disease and, if they’re sourcing out the detox centre, they’re merely looking for the medical and psychological help they need. An addict looking for help is a lot different than a junkie looking for a fix. An addict looking for help most likely has no interest in harming your child. They won’t be hanging around the front or back of the building peeing on the bricks. I’m sure there’s a bathroom inside the premises.

If you’re that concerned about your kids’ safety, think twice about letting them go to a movie or hang out at the mall. Think twice about letting them go to the Farmer’s Market in the summer. There’s a heck of a lot more people in any one of those locations than there will be at the detox centre. If you’re concerned about your kids’ safety, keep them away from their relatives. Statistically, kids are at significantly more risk from family than from strangers.

And as for influence... Give me a break. Kids today are exposed video-game war on TV. They have to put up with the pressure of hard drugs being available to them as young as middle school. Music, videos, movies, video games and television depict rampant drug use. I hardly think that your kids seeing sick people attempting to get some help is the worst thing they will be exposed to.

Think about your fellow man. Show some compassion and respect and above all, grow up and be a positive influence on your kids. Show them how to accept all people and, how to live without judgment.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sparroweye: Boy, do I agree with you on this one.
I live in an area of cheap acreage and mobile homes.
Recently a group home for retarded adults wanted to build in here. Sadly, they were run out by some of
the home owners. They used the premise that this would be a business and thus not allowed in here. Now on my next street over I have someone from California renting
out cheap mobile homes which they stuck on single lots.
I call this slum lording. Now... stay with me here. How come someone can rent out five mobile homes, to transient's but yet a group home is not allowed?

1:17 p.m.  

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