Thursday, January 06, 2005

In the Immortal Words of David Spade

Buh' Bye Jackass. Or, don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out.

Tucker Carlson is leaving Crossfire. Happy Day. Even better... Crossfire may fold. The CNN website makes it sound like the bow-tied pinhead is leaving on good terms. However, the scrolling news service (text thing that rolls up the tv screen), implied that he was fired over issues such as:

1. Not being able to hold his ground against John Stewart.
2. A litany of Canada bashing comments. The tone was fine with CNN, the content was off.

Read up to see what he had to say (wrongly) about his Northern neighbours (that would be us).

Anyways, while there's nothing more entertaining than a scared, under-informed, paranoid, conservative mouthpiece - I won't mention any more names *cough* Ann Coulter - it's good to see his ass hit the network highway. Watch for him crawling out from under a rock near you.


Speaking of paranoid conservatives... did anybody out there see the swearing in of the 109th sitting of the House of Representatives? I was raised by parents who taught that, when you win you should be gracious about it.

Dubya proved again, yesterday that he's a smug bastard. All I can say to my left-leaning friends in the States is "Good Luck". The next four years are going to be some kind of scary. We've already had 14 years of a party that was ruling - for all intents and purposes - unopposed. And they sort of cared about normal, working people. I can't imagine what living in the States will be like with unopposed Republicans running the show. Say good-bye to your civil rights, any chance of national Medicare and social security. Hello fascism.


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