Monday, January 24, 2005

Shut Up Mike

For 20 minutes that thought ran through my head. "Shut up Mike. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up". And not in the annoying Stacey London: "Shut Up! Your new clothes are fabulous." kind of way. But more like: "Mike, if you don't shut up I'm going to impale you with this curried, egg salad wrap and clean up the blood with a box of Five-Alive".

Really, do you need a hour and a half to discuss something that could easily have taken place via email or conference call? Oh well, free lunch is free lunch although this did prove that there really is no such thing.


Um... $40 million innauguration - done to death on several other blogs and The Daily Show.

Um... Steelers lost yesterday? Oh well, they've not been the same since Bradshaw played there.

Um... Tsunami relief? Iraqi war dead? AIDS in Africa? Geoncide in Sudan? Not to be punny but they've been done to death by me and others.

For now maybe...

Goodbye Johnny.

I like most children growing up in the '70's used to sneak out of my room and peak around the corner to get a glimpse. If it was a really special night ie/ any time Joan Embry and the animals were on, my folks would wake us up to watch.

Thank you Johnny Carson. A pox on those you spawned that don't do it as well.


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