Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Stronger Higher Faster - and the rest of you suck

Ahh the Olympics. A time to watch excellent Americans demonstrating excellence while being excellent - according to the NBC coverage anyways.

I thought to myself that maybe this time things would be different. Maybe the American network would realize that other countries came to the games and that some of us would like to see them compete as well. Maybe, in the face of growing anti-US sentiment around the globe, NBC would take the lead in showing the world that the US values the contribution of all nations, especially during a peaceful event like the Olympics.

Nope. Not this time. Sorry out there. NBC is for Americans only and the rest of you losers can go home. I'm amazed that they still even care about Michael Phelps. They generated all the hype about 8 Golds, beating the Spitz record and crushing Thorpe. Now, even 6 golds is a pipe dream and his stiffest competitors are eating him alive. I guess NBC can turn him into a sympathy story now.

I'm not saying that the American network shouldn't show American coverage. I'd just like to see some balance. If the US gets beat then give credit to the athlete that won, don't write it off as a poor US performance. Every other nation "Wins silver or bronze medals" the US "Settles for silver or bronze".

I guess I'll continue to watch the Olympics on the CBC and get broad coverage of the events and athletes. All the sports without the arrogance.


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