Thursday, July 15, 2004

Ear Worms and Other Problems

AHHH Crap. Since yesterday's rant about covers I've had Smooth Criminal lodged firmly in my brain - and not the cool Michael Jackson original but the recent Alien Ant Farm cover; complete with the Jackoesque grunts and shrieks.

This wouldn't be so bad except apparently I'm sharing this lovely tune with Dee and she's getting annoyed. - Soon, I'll be hit by a smooth criminal.

Anyways, a note to profanity filters: last time I checked "frickin'" was not an expletive.

I love paranoid conservatives. Makes the summer feel complete to have at least one frivolous idea floating around so a lawyer and a politician can feel effective.

Now, while I think that Dude Where's My Country is fantastic, and as soon as I have a spare $12, I'll be going to see Farenheight 9/11, I'm not a huge Michael Moore fan. I'm getting tired of the "Starving Independant Film Maker" look coming from a multi-millionaire.

I do think that the above mentioned temper tantrum is giving Moore too much credit. This country has been voting the same way for 15 years. Liberals in the East and Centre, Conservatives in the Central West and NDP/Green/Marijuana in the real West. Anything Michael Moore may have said in the media has about as much chance of changing the voting patterns as does say... the sitting gov't wasting Billions of dollars or the Loyal Opposition intalling a crazy person as their leader. Did it matter? Apparently not.

Should we do Western Alienation today? No. It'll keep. It won't be pretty.

~When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro~


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