Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Annie Are You OK?

I'm no smooth criminal but would it kill new bands to wait until they've written their own hit single before releasing yet another re-hash of a classic song?

I'm not against covers exactly. I for one, think that Kurt Cobain's The Man Who Stole the World is way edgier than Bowie's. I also think that the Ataris did sweet justice to Boys of Summer. The difference? Kurt Cobain had a career before he floated a cover, the Ataris began their mass-media career on a cover.

There's little credibility there. Why not prove your musical worth, talent etc... by showing the world what you are capable of creating rather than taking the safe route by releasing a cover?

Anyways, perhaps when you release your cover isn't as important as how you create the cover int he first place. Boys of Summer and The Man Who Stole the World are cool because they're different. Hell, even *shudder* Van Halen ripped Roy Orbison a new one with Pretty Woman. On the flip side, Uncle Cracker's Drift Away makes me dry heave. It's so, well, the same as the original.

So, I'll scream it to all the bands pondering a cover: BE ORIGINAL!!

Where's all this coming from. IceBerg Radio's "Cover Me" station.

Listen large. Live well. Play till you bleed.


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