Thursday, November 03, 2005

Suddenly NWA Doesn't Sound So... Wrong

Remember Easy E, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube et...? Remember all the trouble they got into when they were the first to be "hard core gangsta rappers"? Remember all the cops and community groups being up in arms over "Fuck the po-lice"?

Well... fuck the police. At least in Alberta anyways. Maybe to be more accurate, fuck the Solicitor General. Thanks to new legislation in Alberta, if the police harass, abuse, assault, batter or go all Rodney King on you, you have one year to make a complaint. Didn't make it in a year because maybe you were too traumatized or hospitalized or afraid of reprisals? Too bad for you. Now there's a statute of limitations on police "complaints".

No other group of professionals has this protection. Doctors, lawyers, engineers, dentists, paramedics, firefighters - people who work for the public good; can have complaints leveled against them at any time after the "incident" took place. Why do the police need this level of so-called protection?

Hey, look I made it through three paragraphs without even mentioning the group of right-wing retards that live south of the 49th parallel. So, here you go. Damned animals just get in the way anyhow. Do what you can to help stop this atrocity. Make sure you watch the ad in the media section. It's really clever.

o.k. I'm done.


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